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Well I Guess I won’t be Voting for Newt.

Posted in FAIL with tags , , , , , , on July 29, 2010 by spikestl

Newt was my hero… back in 1994.
This commercial was made in 2008 but I think that it’s still pertinent. Notice the “new term” ” Climate Change”.
In my opinion the fact that he can sit on that couch with that Hag…(sorry, but I really mean it)
Newt is a HUGE Washington Insider, He knows global warming is a HOAX/ ponsi/ Carbon credit scheme.
For Newt to allow this commercial to be made with his name on it, much less to be “in” it is beyond reason.
For me this is just one in a long line of progressive moves from the man who used to be “My favorite Speaker”