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The REAL agenda behind Prop “B”

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There are two types of people in this world, those who make decisions based in logic and those based in emotion.
Prop. B is written just for those who make decisions with their emotions.
Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, just the name makes me feel better, I am definitely against puppy Cruelty, aren’t you?
That’s why Missouri has laws against Cruelty to any animals, and laws against puppy mills.
The lack of effective enforcement of current laws is what allows puppy mills to thrive in Missouri.
Proposition B does not provide for funding and does not mandate more inspectors.
Proposition B limits the number of breeding dogs a person or entity can own to 50. This is arbitrary, three dogs can be neglected or abused as easily as 300.

Veterinarian Jim Foster Says, “There is a line in the legislation that everyone should pay close attention to, and that is line number nine.”
Line number nine of the proposition defines a pet as “any domesticated animal normally maintained in or near the household of the owner thereof.”
As Foster said, it’s not uncommon for folks in rural areas to keep cattle animals close to their homes.

As a person who uses logic to make my decisions in life, I believe Information is the most Important resource.
So, here is the Info I have found Against Prop “B”

letter from
John R. Stoltz, DVM, Veterinary Clinic Owner, President of the Board of Franklin County Humane Society

Story and video from KOMU chanel 8

KMOX mark reardon show with DR.Jim Foster

Barbara Boxer “Senator”

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I love the “YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS” part.
H/T Dana Loesch

St. Louis Tea Party — Greater Fenton Precinct

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Who loves America? Who believes this is our last shot to Restore the Republic? You? Awesome!

We need to Get The Vote Out!

Join us in Fenton as we Rally to bring about awareness and name recognition.

Starting Tonight! 10/25/2010

Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Monday, Nov 1. From 5-6pm

Highway 141 and Hawkins Rd (in front of Jiffylube)

Bring family, friends, flags, signs, bullhorns, chairs. . .heck, bring a cooler and make it a dinner picnic!

Bring your Patriotism for one hour.

God Bless You and God Bless America!


Jen Ennenbach
St. Louis Tea Party
Block Captain– Greater Fenton Precinct

Confucius say… Country too big to Fail, Fall flat on face

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Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points: National Public Radio – 10/21/10

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What’s wrong with PROP “B”?

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The devil is in the details.

By Mindy Patterson

Have you ever wondered why politicians come up with great-sounding titles for proposed legislation that sounds too good to be true? It is always some clever title that, in most cases, masks what’s really in the bill.

Accordingly, voters easily can fall prey to the “devil” in the details. Missouri Proposition B is a dramatic example of this with its very provocative title, “The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.” Unfortunately, when you read the details of Proposition B, you realize that there is nothing in the bill to stop “puppy cruelty” or increase enforcement of the laws.

The proponents of Proposition B, especially the sponsor, the Humane Society of the United States, are counting on you, the voter, to stay uninformed and “just take their word for it” and blindly support Proposition B. Who in his right mind wouldn’t vote for a measure claiming to prevent puppy mill cruelty?

But the Animal Care Facilities Act passed in 1992 already regulates dog breeders. These tough regulations are enforced by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. The U.S. Department of Agriculture already requires licensed dog breeders to provide animals with proper care and adequate food, water, shelter, veterinary care and an exercise plan. Under current Missouri law, animal cruelty and animal abuse are illegal.

So, what will Proposition B accomplish that current laws cannot? Therein lies the deception. Proposition B will not increase enforcement to target the unlicensed illegal breeders operating substandard kennels in Missouri. Those operations will continue to operate should Proposition B pass on Nov. 2.

Proposition B is designed to over-regulate Missouri’s licensed, law-abiding kennels — over-regulate them out of business — while increasing the state Department of Agriculture’s responsibilities. Proposition B would destroy jobs and could significantly decrease revenue to Missouri-based dog food producers, pet-supply stores, pet-product suppliers, feed stores, veterinarians, veterinarian suppliers, fencing companies, real estate companies and trucking companies.

And, it’s very likely that breeders would be forced to find homes for or euthanize their “excess” dogs as a result of Proposition B’s restriction of 50 breeding dogs. What a horrifying consequence of this unnecessary measure.

Once you pull back the curtain, the real devil here is the Humane Society of the United States, the organization behind Proposition B

Read the whole story here; StLToday

Akin Alert 10/08/2010

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As I write today, I have several items to alert you to.


On October 1st, the first phase of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect. The law passed early this year is scheduled to be implemented over the next four years. Already, the first steps of implementation are not going so well.

For many employers, the cost of paying for the expanded plans mandated by the law is so great that they are considering eliminating health care coverage altogether – before the rest of the law goes into effect.

As a result, the New York Times reports that the Obama administration is granting dozens of waivers to big businesses and their insurers. The waivers allow these employers and insurers to continue providing limited-benefit plans that provide far less coverage than is mandated by the new law. A number of states have also asked for power to exempt some insurers, concerned that the law will be disruptive if insurers leave their state or stop offering certain types of coverage.

Yet, these waivers are selective. Not everyone has applied for them and not everyone gets them. The majority passed an economically devastating law and then temporarily waives it for some companies but not others. In effect, the healthcare law that was supposed to improve people’s lives is doing the opposite and the Administration’s way of dealing with these consequences is to selectively and temporarily waive the law.

I do not believe that this is what most people were thinking of when they called for healthcare reform. That is why I have called for repealing the current law and replacing it with meaningful reforms that drive coverage costs down, keep decisions with patients and expand access to health insurance.

Department of State Blocks Import of WWI Rifles

During the Korean War, American-made M1 rifles were sent to Korea to help our allies. Now that they are not of any military use, the South Korean government is ready to send nearly one million of these classic rifles back to the U.S., where they would be sold to law-abiding Americans. Earlier this year, the sale was approved by the U.S. government, but now the Department of State is saying these weapons may not be brought into the country because they “could potentially be exploited… for illicit purposes.”

I joined several of my colleagues in writing to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton–asking her to reverse her decision to block these antique firearms. These classic rifles should be able to be purchased from South Korea, imported to the U.S. and sold to anyone who can legally buy them.

Recovery Road Signs

House Republicans are trying to cut wasteful spending on road signs that announce stimulus projects. The savings on these signs could reach $192 million. If you think these signs waste taxpayer dollars, snap a picture of one and send the picture and location of the sign to Republicans on the House Government and Oversight Committee at

As always, I hope you will take the time to contact me about these or any other issues of concern.


W. Todd Akin

$30,000 in Fines… For Growing too many Vegetables???

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The Tea Party is better for the Environment than the Environmentalists

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Photograph’s from the Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28 (top left) and the 9/12/09 Tea Party. (bottom right)
VS. The Obama Inauguration (bottom left) and the 1 Nation rally 10/02/10 (top right).

click on the picture to make it bigger.