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Roseanne Barr is a comedian… (This clip is so funny) or not.

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I think she might be serious about Beheading the Rich…
but only if your richer than her.

Democrats Slam Tea Party

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MSN Money Finds 10 Reasons why ‘You Should Love $5 Gas’

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10 Reasons why ‘You Should Love $5 Gas’

The latest such attempt comes from MSN Money, which on Wednesday tallied ten reasons that “you should love $5 gas.” While keeping in mind that the media had little interest in pointing these sorts of things out during the 2008 oil price spike, here are the reasons that $5 gas shouldn’t get you so upset:

Fewer people would die on the road.

Demand for high-mileage cars could grow.

Shorter security lines [at airports].

Less pollution.

Less congestion.

High prices lead to lower prices.

More exercise.

End of wars.

Local businesses could profit.

It’s all about democracy.

Some of those are really a stretch. Not only is MSN looking for ways to put lipstick on this pig, but they’re even straining credulity in some of the reasons they offer.

“End of wars,” for instance. The logic is that the massive costs of fuel for the military – up to $400 a gallon, apparently – would simply make military efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya too expensive to continue. So Americans should be happy that the financial burdens on the military are so great than they can’t complete their missions? That’s a pretty contestable assertion.

The “local businesses could profit” claim is also premised on some specious logic. “If you can’t afford to drive out to Wal-Mart or Home Depot, you may be buying instead at the local supermarket or neighborhood hardware store,” claims MSN. Of course virtually all goods-selling businesses are burdened with higher costs by rising fuel prices. The inevitable rise in the cost of the goods themselves leads to fewer purchases. A small business is less able to withstand such shocks than a big box store, and will therefore be disproportionately hurt by them.

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LA Teacher “We Need Civil Disobedience.”

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Why is the government deliberately trying to bankrupt U.S.?

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Behold~The Greatest School Teachers in the World!

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From Ann Althouse

Hey, teachers!
Aren’t you forgetting a thing or 2? You’ve got them chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Scott Walker has got to go” — but what do they know about Scott Walker? That he’s done something the teachers don’t like. So, maybe some day, when you do something they don’t like, some kid might start “Hey hey, ho ho, [TEACHER’S NAME] has got to go.”

Frances Fox Piven Rings in The New Year By Calling for Violent Revolution

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