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Obama’s Agenda, R. Lee Ermey tells it like it is.

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Dana Loesch Destroys Eliot Spitzer, 12/20/10

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H/T Dana Loesch at Breitbart

Akin Alert,12/18/2010

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Dear Spike,

This week two major bills have been under consideration in the halls of Congress. The first is what many are calling the Omnibus Spending Bill. This bill, which was introduced by Senate Democrats earlier this week is 1,924 pages long and spends $1.1 trillion in taxpayer money (an average of about $575 million per page). This bill is wasteful and reckless and I strongly oppose it. Fortunately, Republicans in the Senate successfully stopped this bill. The Senate Democrats still need to pass a bill to prevent a government shutdown, but it should be one that reins in reckless government spending, not one that continues the excessive spending we have seen over the last few years.

The second major bill under consideration extends the 2001/2003 tax cuts which were set to expire in January. These tax increases would hit every tax bracket, and without action by December 31st , an average middle-income family would face a $1,540 tax increase and many would have seen an average increase of $1,700 in dividends and and capital gains taxes.

Late Thursday night, the House of Representatives passed the bill to prevent this massive tax increase. I voted for the bill, but my vote is not a seal of approval that this bill will fix the economy. This bill will merely prevent the evil of a massive tax increase.

The Democrats have through a series of poor policy decisions created economic conditions that are destructive to small businesses and job creation. These include: excessive taxes, unnecessary red tape, market uncertainty, restricted access to liquidity and massive federal spending. Passage of this bill will not fix the problems but will only create additional uncertainty by postponing important decisions on tax policy.

Until we implement policy changes favorable to employers, our economy will continue to struggle and unemployment will remain high. Despite these concerns, I am convinced that Congress has an immediate and pressing obligation to prevent a multi-trillion dollar tax increase that would further kill jobs, threaten another grave economic downturn and place huge tax burdens on all Americans. The bill does not improve our current economic situation but does postpone the evil of a massive tax hike during a recession.

I hope that the Democrats’ lame duck session of Congress will end soon, and I look forward to the beginning of the new Congress in January. The House of Representatives must once again truly be the “People’s House.” As always, please continue to share your thoughts and comments with me via email or Facebook or watch my latest comments on YouTube. It remains an honor to represent you.


W. Todd Akin

You can contact the Congressman here;

Christmas Homecoming, Lambert Airport/St. Louis USO.

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ATTENTION All Patriotic St. Louis Area residents
Airport Rally to Greet Our Soldiers

Sunday, December 19, 2010.
Any time between 7am and 11am
Lambert International Airport / St. Louis USO
(Main Terminal, Lower Level)
Please feel free to come and go as your schedule permits any time between 7am and 11am
special thanks to organizers Cynthia Rice and Robin Waymire!

H/T Judy Sofka

A Liar, A Cheat, and still a sitting Congressman.

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“Guilty” of ethics Violations,
Congressman Charlie Rangel Laughs in your face.
It makes me feel like this man can’t speak the TRUTH.

What makes these people “know what’s best for us”

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This one will nauseate you. I couldn’t figure out whether I was infuriated at these tools, or just ashamed for them, their performance was so revoltingly bad. Either way, my day was just ruined. Here student activistas of the Left engage in a flash mob at a grocery store that sells Israeli products. It’s called the Philly BDS (boycott, divest, sanction). They are trying to turn Israel into a pariah state, and they are succeeding. Here’s how you can respond to this nonsense– buy Israeli from time to time.

Michael Savage on Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Playing Tag

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