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Government Tracking Our Kids… 1984 Anyone?

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Reason Foundation’s Director of Education Lisa Snell discuss how schools collecting personal information on students would only reduce privacy and create stereotypes instead of benefiting their education as the federal government claims the program is for.

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Patriotic Christmas Lights 2011- Thank You Troops and Veterans!

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Go Full Screen and turn the volume up!

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Wishes Christians Around the World A “Merry Christmas”

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Islamic scholar ~ “Saying Merry Christmas is worst than fornication or killing someone”

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“Dude, Have a Bacon Sandwich and A HomeBrew for crying out loud” ~ Spike

Occupy Mom Puts 4-Year-Old Daughter On Port Train Tracks

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Un Freaking believable! Hey, Lady! Trains can’t stop on a dime!

European Parliament, Unaccountable Government run amok.

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Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England since 1999. He speaks French and Spanish and loves Europe, but believes that the European Union is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free.

Let us Hope that there is Never a North American Union as unaccountable to the American Voter as the european union is to the British Voter.

Nick Gillespie talks Bulb Ban on Stossel

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Why Are American Jews Liberal?

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The Anti-Israel President

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Corporate Tax

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Raising Taxes on corporations… Think about that for a second.
Only two things exist in business, Cost and Profit.

If you raise a company’s Cost ( wages, supplies, rent, and Taxes ), they have to raise the price to make a profit.
If you can’t make a profit why be in business?

In fact actually no company anywhere pays taxes, they All pass that cost on to the consumer.

German Science

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“CLICK” the pic to read the clip.

Dutch General Peter van Uhm

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9-9-9 The Movie – Slaying the Tax Monster

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Zonation, 11/30/11

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MSNBC is promoting itself with inane promos. One features the Rev. Al Sharpton talking about pie, another shows Lawrence O’Donnell muddling up economics, government and the jobs market. When will the madness stop at this biased news channel?

Top Comments
“What I got from that is that Al Sharpton has been a criminal since he was kid.”

“The urge to click the thumbs down button while watching Sharpton talk is so strong!”