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National Health Care, from Major British News Papers

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Most Americans are never going to know what health care is like in other countries.
In my previous post Natonal Health Care, My Personal Story. I talked about how health care happened to me and my family. Since that post, I’ve had a couple of people tell me “well when I went to London I cut my finger or smashed my hand and I got Excellent care'”.

What they don’t understand is that it’s not about the care.

Its about the COST and who’s controling the MONEY.

At 39% of GDP the United Kindom is one of the highest taxed countries in the world, in comparison USA is 28% of GDP, the problem is that the UK is  financially in worse shape than the USA.

How bad is it? Click these Links to find out….

PROOF that the TeaParty is RACIST

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BUYcott Called for Ford Motor Company

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Support of Ford is the first concerted effort to oppose the creeping command economy pushed by the Obama administration

St. Louis, MO:  On September 1, 2009 in reaction to the boycott by left of center groups of Whole Foods, the St. Louis Tea Party launched the first BUYcott, calling for consumers to deliberately shop at the niche grocer in an effort to support CEO and founder John Mackey.  Mackey was assailed by the hard left groups because he wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that the solution to the health care problem lied not with more government but with more freedom in the marketplace.   While the BUYcott was conceptualized just five days prior, over 1000 people showed up in one two hour period and turned in receipts totaling over $50,000.

The BUYcott was launched by the St. Louis Tea Party at the request of Gina Loudon.  According to Loudon, “We launched the BUYcott to defend our free market economy against the forces for more government and special interest control.   We showed that the Country is full of patriots who are willing to fight by modifying their spending habits”. 

Tea Party leaders were looking for the next big project and believe they found a perfect candidate in Ford.  Ford is the only American car maker who weathered this terrible economy without taking bailout funds or caving to what many see as an unprecedented and even wholesale takeover by the Obama administration and the unions of American car makers General Motors and Chrysler.  “While it is tragic to see these once proud companies go, since Ford is the only American maker that remains in control of shareholders and not government agents and labor unions, the purchase of a Ford is a strike against big government,” said Loudon.

Tea Partiers are encouraging every patriot to consider a Ford as their first car choice.  “We are calling this the “Ford for Freedom BUYcott” said Loudon.  It is critical that we take a strong stand against creeping socialism.  Buying any other American car make is supporting the parasites that have infected the host, so we are calling on Liberty loving Patriots who are looking for a car to buy a Ford, and then send us a copy of their receipt so that we can tally our effect.” 

Confirmation of purchases should be sent to  

The St. Louis Tea Party is one of hundreds of center-right organizations that have sprung up to oppose the hard left policies of the Obama government and this Congress.  These organizations work as a loose confederation usually acting independently but often coalescing behind specific projects.  It is to that end, that the St. Louis Tea Party is calling on the other groups to join this effort.

Star Parker Get’s It

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” I’m Just Standing Here and These People Want to be Violent to Me.”

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A man boarded a plane with six kids.

After they got settled in their seats a woman sitting across the aisle from him leaned over to him and asked,
“Are all of those kids yours ?”

He replied, ” No. I work for a condom company.
These are customer complaints. ”


Ronald Reagan Responds to Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare

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