Well I Guess I won’t be Voting for Newt.

Newt was my hero… back in 1994.
This commercial was made in 2008 but I think that it’s still pertinent. Notice the “new term” ” Climate Change”.
In my opinion the fact that he can sit on that couch with that Hag…(sorry, but I really mean it)
Newt is a HUGE Washington Insider, He knows global warming is a HOAX/ ponsi/ Carbon credit scheme.
For Newt to allow this commercial to be made with his name on it, much less to be “in” it is beyond reason.
For me this is just one in a long line of progressive moves from the man who used to be “My favorite Speaker”

12 Responses to “Well I Guess I won’t be Voting for Newt.”

  1. This was about 2 years ago and to be fair, the damning emails and proof of collusion and outright lies came out after Newt did this video. I hated it when I saw it, but Newt has seen the light and Newt has proven his worth to financial conservatives , I forgive him.


  2. Lee Paul Says:

    I won’t be voting for Newt either. I’ve always felt unsettled by his obamanian ego. I believe he had his chance in ’94 and blew it by showing us he is an old-guard, traditional Republican, long-steeped in washingtonian politics and not truly committed to our America-first, Tea Party principles.

    We need new, unbeholden leadership without the need to necessarily get along with the opposition, but instead face them on our terms.

    It somewhat saddens me to see Newt bought into the Global Warming Myth.

  3. WTF ???????????

  4. Nancy Waldren Says:

    Thanks for posting this video – and for OPENING OUR EYES!

  5. Richard Bishop Says:

    Regardless of what most think of her, I believe global warminng is occuring. The heat and humidity get worse each year. Safer environmental energy sources need to be found.

  6. H.Cuddy Says:


  7. Janice Coltharp Says:

    Another deluded Republican. Newt can say things that sound conservative. And, then he can say something like this that proves his liberal leaning. I’m not fooled by Newt. This is not the first time I’ve heard progressive, liberal nonsense come out of his mouth. I’m not voting for Newt Gingrich, ever, for any office.

  8. Margaret Mueller Says:

    I like Paul Ryan more and more.

  9. Damn…. I was ready to support and vote for Newt. What a huge disappointment.

  10. LindyMaeUSA Says:

    Politician: “A seeker or holder of public office who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.”
    Newt Gingrich is a confirmed POLITICIAN and silver-tongued devil who can talk the rattles right off a snake, then convince the snake WHY it was necessary to take those rattles!

    Read WIKIPEDIA’S “background/history report” on Newt Gingrich which I did some time ago after one of his Speaker “speeches” made me “look closely with LEERY EYES” at this politician!. I was right: Once a liar, thief and rat, ALWAYS a liar, thief and rat! Leopards don’t change their spots and neither did (or does!) Gingrich.

    I also, will NEVER vote for this pathetic excuse as a human even if he were running for Dog Catcher! VOTER BEWARE!!!

  11. Patricia Hill Says:

    I will not vote for Gingrich. He’s a phoney, he can never be trusted. He proved that in 1994 and he proves it every day. He’s a sorry excuse for a human being. How anyone can swallow that goody garbage he spews out is beyond me. He looks phoney, he acts phoney, he IS phoney. Hannity’s gushing all over him makes me even sicker. If he’s nominated for the repugnants, I won’t vote. Why aren’t people listening to DeMint? He’s the only republican making any sense these days.

  12. Lee Paul Says:

    Pat, I agree, Newt does seem phony to me as well. I would bet his last five wives may feel the same.

    Also, Jim DeMint and his Conservative Senatorial Committee are sponsoring good Conservative Candidates that reflect the ideals of the Tea Parties and the majority of the American people. Everyone, please be careful and stay aware that the Socialists have a playbook to ensnare unwary Americans into covertly manipulating our agenda for us. Stay away from all RINOS, unless there is nobody else in that race.

    Let’s give them Hell in November and take our Country back!

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