Vanessa Jean-Louie Introduces HerSelf.

One Response to “Vanessa Jean-Louie Introduces HerSelf.”

  1. Hey Vanessa,
    I’m sorry that you have to explain and defend your stance on ANYTHING! Especially in 2010. As you know from my wall on Facebook, I think racism ended a long time ago. We still have prejudice and that unfortunatley is here to stay. But Sharpton needs to give it a rest, you can only call wolf so many times. And now he’s lying about MLK’s beliefs. Alveda is setting that straight, thank God for her!

    Yes, I saw your picture with her! You lucky! I was 10 feet away from her before rehearsal began on 8-27 at the Lincoln Mem. Took some fun video of that. She’s so cool and SO normal, what you see is what you get.

    Know what I wish? I wish that the real American history was restored and made known to all black people. They are simply misinformed and they have been lied to I guess since Woodrow Wilson (I hate that guy!) rewrote American history. Man, was he a first class racist in the early 1900’s.

    Focus on educating people with the truth and don’t feel like you have to constantly explain your politics. We are all too busy trying to restore God, truth, and honor to America.
    God Bless You, see you on Facebook.

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