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Krauthammer on Arab Turmoil

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When asked his thoughts on the current turmoil in the Mideast Charles responded, “What we’re seeing the on the screen is the meltdown, the collapse of Obama policy in the Muslim World

Senator Dianne Feinstein… Get’s It?

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Are modern policies of appeasement encouraging Islamic extremists?

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The 9-11 Hard Hat Pledge

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Read Andrew Sullivan’s Hard Hat Pledge: Blue Collar Corner

Former Islamic Terrorists became followers of Jesus Christ

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Chris Matthews is the New Obama Girl

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The crooked judges of Amsterdam

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Geert Wilders, A member of Holland’s House of Parlement, gave a speech to that house. Trying to save his Country. Trying to save his Country from Islamification. Geert Wilders is now on Trial for Hate Speech. It seems Holland / the netherlands is quite abit more progressive than the u.s.a. You can read the Geert Wilders Speech Here;
Free Speech, We take it for granted, Islam takes it from all who are not Islam.