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America is Good, repost because I like it.

Posted in My Thoughts with tags , , , , , , , on January 26, 2010 by spikestl

America is Good.

Why is this a controversal statement? Why are there Americans who believe it to be false? Human beings cherish Freedom above all else..for themselves, for the neighbors not so much. Like the kids in the back seat ” Bobby’s touching me!!” we can’t leave each other alone.
Our Founding Fathers gave us the Constitution, a document that states what the Government can and can’t do. It limits what government can do. Our president says the constitution doesn’t go far enough. Not only should it say what government can’t do to us ” But what government must do on our behalf”…
Leave me alone.
Let me succeed on my own.
Or FAIL on my own.
Stop touching me.
America is the only country ever to grant this much freedom to the average citizen so how can someone say that america is NOT good? Perspective?
They look at america and see rich fatty fat so’s that don’t deserve what they have. They look at poor country’s on the tv and they see little kids playing in the sewer running down the middle of the street. emotionally that’s not fair. It must be America’s Fault.
Before our constitution every country in the world was run just like that poor country on tv. It’s not america’s fault.
A book called ” the five thousand-year leap ” states that our constitution propelled our country forward by allowing average citizens the opportunity to succeed or fail without limits.
Our Government feels the need to do its job, I would be much happier if they would just sit and do nothing, They must look busy or else we might not need them.
America left alone, the people can take care of themself, The more the government does the more it messes it up.
Oh and that Obama money your waiting for is going to come out of your OWN back pocket.