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“You Should Have Listened to Farrakhan”~Malik Zulu Shabazz (Warning; Language)

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“Who The Hell Do You Think Your Are?” Farrakhan Blast Obama For Calling For Qaddafi to Step Down

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From Hot Air PunditHot Air Pundit

FARRAKHAN: “I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the Arab world…Why don’t you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Qaddafi, you can’t order him to step down and get out, who the hell do you think you are?

Vanessa Jean Louis Destroys Al Sharpton Protesters in DC 8/28

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Breitbart: It’s Not About Shirley Sherrod; It’s About NAACP Attacking Tea Party

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ZO Examines Black Loyalty to Democrats

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Former NAACP Chapter President Defends Tea Party

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Helen Thomas, Racist.

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