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Soldier’s heartbreaking goodbye letter to his baby daughter.

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The U.K.s Daily Mail has this story.

Tissue Alert.

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“Awesome” Does Not Have An Expiration Date

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By Blackfive • [March 01, 2011]
This video has made the rounds at all the shooting forums last year (thought you should see this)…

Ted Gundy, an 84-year-old sniper from WWII who fought at Bastogne in the Bulge and lost his leg later to a German artillery shell, is featured below. This is a great story:

There is no expiration date on awesome shooting…and good on the US Army and the Marksmanship Team for showing Ted Gundy the proper respect!

Thank you for your service, Ted Gundy!

Rolling Thunder,Memorial Day 2010

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Rolling Thunder XXIV May 29, 2011
All Supporters Welcome!
You Do Not Have To Be A Member of Rolling Thunder to Ride!

SSgt. Tim Chambers Salutes Veterans at Attention for 6 hours.
Memorial Day 2010 was the sixth year of this Marine’s Vigil.

Thanks to Gregorio

The Four Verses of the National Anthem

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Perhaps you didn’t know… You’ve only been taught 1/4 of the whole song.

Happy 100th Birthday, President Reagan

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Keith Olbermann Gives Abrupt Goodbye (with 2 years left on contract)

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The Good Side of War

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I’ll Never Forget when this happened to me in march of 1992.