“Why the Flat Tax Works” ~ Allen West

One Response to ““Why the Flat Tax Works” ~ Allen West”

  1. Gill O’Teen Says:

    The four remaining RINOcrats still in the GOP nomination hunt should withdraw and pledge all their delegates to West. He is the antiviral drug WE need to heal the Ø’bumorrhoid infestation. West is a battle-tested war hero who does not back down. His courage and common sense will help us find our way back to the vision of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison and all the brave soldiers who risked their lives, which many lost, that we might be free. That I heard only Herman Cain advocated the Flat Tax. If Paul did I missed it. But Cain only wanted a flat tax to help transition to his version of a VAT (sales tax). God recommended a flat tax (tithing). Many metrotopias like St. Louis impose their own versions of the flat tax (earnings tax), so the marxists cannot sanely object (won’t stop them). Time to get the West bandwagon rolling towards the Washington Monument. Vote West, free folks, vote West.


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