The Anti-Israel President

2 Responses to “The Anti-Israel President”

  1. As an American with a culturally Jewish background (i.e., I’m an atheist who totally supports Israel AND President Obama), I find your remarks exaggerated and a bit hysterical.

    The United States and all of her allies continue to send billions of dollars in aid to Israel every year — and show no signs that our
    aid and support will not continue forever.

    I cannot predict anything like a solution to those hate-filled groups throughout the middle east who obviously feel that Israel should not exist; their demands and feelings are obviously ignorant, tribal and fanatical. Nevertheless, as a large part of the world, they must be dealt with. They will not disappear — any more than Israel will.

    The President, as a free world leader, is saddled with the most delicate diplomatic challenge ever experienced by any leader at any time. He does not see — for instance, any legitimacy in blasting large parts of the middle east into the stone age via nuclear weapons.

    Obviously, he seeks a two-nation settlement with both nations agreeing to terms supported by most of the rest of the world.

    If and when this happens, God only knows. Do you?

    • Robert, I guess you haven’t noticed, I didn’t make this video. the David Horowitz freedom center did.
      While I’m not Jewish I can understand why the Jewish Horowitz freedom center did make this video like many other videos on this subject.

      In my opinion the Horowitz Freedom Center is desperatly trying to open the eyes of people like you, poeple of jewish decent who have their head in the sand.

      As for my remarks… I haven’t made any, I posted a Video that I happen to agree with that’s all.

      If you would like to open your eyes, can I suggest this link?

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