Roger Williams for Congress

“While the President enjoys his vacation, I tried to talk some sense into his party’s leadership. As you can see in the video, I gave them tough love & tough talk about the importance of the free market – we need to put the liberal donkey days behind us.”

“I’m running to represent Texans in Congress because I believe that only someone with a small business background can confront President Obama and turn our economy around. For 39 years, I’ve practiced my conservatism in the marketplace as a business owner. We have enough politicians in Washington. We need a conservative businessman.”

One Response to “Roger Williams for Congress”

  1. That’s a great video! He’s right–donkeys don’t listen, they just go their own way. Now elephants are more intelligent–they listen and if they see it means preserving their soft life, they’ll go along with the crowd and even become a bit timid. But donkeys only know that they MUST have want they want, even at the expense of getting NOTHING.

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