Allen West vs. Wasserman-Schultz

3 Responses to “Allen West vs. Wasserman-Schultz”

  1. patriotsoul Says:

    Fight Allen, fight!

  2. Way to go Allen West! It’s time that someone get in the face of Schultz. It would be a different thing if she had ‘constructive’ comments to make but she typically spews hateful rhetoric that has no base nor is factual. She’s only happy when she’s lisping her liberal comments and talking over people or talking behind their back. So, glad Col. West had the courage to put her in her place. Wish there were many other with that kind of courage.

  3. Allen, are you sure we couldn’t interest you in a job in the White House in the Oval Office???? I would work really hard to MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!! Think on it won’t you??

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