MSNBC & Martin Bashir ~ Sanctimonious B.S.

One Response to “MSNBC & Martin Bashir ~ Sanctimonious B.S.”

  1. KellyJaye Says:

    What hypocrisy! If this idiot wants to play that game, don’t single Palin out! The list of offenders would be a mile long – starting with his employer (I got the point of this post).
    I love to see Palin keep on doing what she’s doing. The anti-Palin members have tried every which way possible to bring her down, with venomous personal insults directed at her and her family. If Sheeple would research on their own and not allow themselves to be spoonfed spun ‘news,’ they would discover how Palin has been mischaracterized.
    One example is the ‘I can see Russia from my window’ that she was quoted as saying. However, Palin never said it. It came from a SNL sketch, but the left spun it as if she really made that statement.

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