Hippie’s Flag Burning doesn’t happen as planned

Graduate student and LSU Teacher, Benjamin Haas, planned an event to protest the recent arrest of a student who stole a university American flag and burned it. He planned on burning his own American flag. But students, led by student government President Cody Wells, planned a counter-protest. The flag-burning never happened. Instead, as the video show’s, the protest got heated as counter protesters mobbed Haas, who then had to be whisked away in a police cruiser for his safety.
Warning Language.

6 Responses to “Hippie’s Flag Burning doesn’t happen as planned”

  1. Robert M Says:

    Simple and easy to alter the Flag Code to mandate US Flags be flame resistant. Sure you’d still be able to burn it with effort, but it shouldn’t be easy!

  2. I am so happy to see all these people there to stop this throwback from burning our wonderfull flag. ” Go back to the 60s, you *$$ &#@!” my sensitments exactly!

  3. patriotsoul Says:

    THIS is more like it!
    Keep waking up folks!

  4. The push-back is increasing. This is so very good.
    Live free or die!

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