Wafa Sultan Schools Dumbass O’Reilly

Same subject different storyrape-victim-14-dies-after-public-flogging-in-bangladesh/

Or thiswife-beating-for-dummies/

Or thissaudi-arabia-shifts-course-on-child-marriage/

2 Responses to “Wafa Sultan Schools Dumbass O’Reilly”

  1. Just incase I haven’t been clear.
    Bill O’Reilly Sucks Ass.

  2. The New World Order, Islam style, sucks ass.
    O’Reilly is insignificant compared to that.
    But I must say, either he is either playing dumb for the benefit of the audience , acting as if his questions are their own, as they would be to many, or he really does not know as much as he says he does…
    the political correctness/fair & balanced angle is also truly crap.

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