Donald Trump Talks About Birthers – The View

I know!! I hate this show too. I’m sorry about that.
ok, several things to look for;
1) Whoopi’s getting FAT.
2) Everyone on stage Instantly goes on the Attack.
3) Whoopi plays the race card.” It’s not because he’s black is it?”
“Because I haven’t heard of any white president asked to be shown their birth certificate.”

Well, What Ms Goldberg doesn’t know is that John Mccain, who was born in Panama to American Parents who were serving in the Military had to show his “birth certificate” called a “Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a citizen of the united states of america”.
A Birth Abroad to american Parents serving in the military is the only exception to the requirement that the president be born in the usa.

6 Responses to “Donald Trump Talks About Birthers – The View”

  1. So what’s your frigging point?! Do you think any presidential candidate can escape close scrutiny by the FBI, CIA etc. before being elected to (much less running for high office)?

    Birthers are scorned by a great majority of Americans and your persistence in the face of truly serious problems within our country is getting very old. Your amateurish charges only make it easier for the President to be elected; you are dividing your own party!

    • “Do you think any presidential candidate can escape close scrutiny by the FBI, CIA etc”
      Yes I do.
      It’s congress’s job not the FBI or the CIA.

  2. Bull, Phojo. Bull.
    All he has to do is show the legal papers.
    Is there any reason to believe Obama can be TRUSTED?
    The CIA or FBI can be trusted these days as well?????
    HE is dividing, not those who want the proof.
    Yes, many scorn those who put the pressure on for this, and there are many who are really insane about the issue, but it does not make the many , many more who have joined the ranks of the skeptical, insane as well!
    No.,I’d say it is common sense to want this answered.
    If he is illegal, so is anything he has done, and all he has appointed, illegal as well.
    But if YOU trust those mentioned, well then, TRUST BUT VERIFY.

  3. Wow, Whoopi IS expanding quite a bit. You can even tell despite that mumu or set of drapes she’s wearing.

  4. Phojo6 is obviously a liberal and these people operate on emotion, not logic, and they rarely are apprised of all aspects of an issue because they cloister themselves among those who agree with them. If anyone were questioning my country of orign and by simply supplying a birth certificate I could effectively eliminate any skepticism, I would do so in a New York minute. That’s a cheap and credible method of dealing with any “birthers.”

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