Kid’s say the darndest things

The story below has been stolen directly from my wife’s facebook page… Last names have been removed to protect the innocent. Austin is a 6 year old first grader and can be seen in this video; 6-year-old-patriot-at-hwy-kn

Walking home from school with Austin, I asked him what they did that day and he said, we had to the tell the teacher what we would be doing when we are 100, I said oh yeah I am going to be 100 soon, it’s going to be my birthday soon. He says you can’t be 99, you don’t look that old 🙂 We get a bit further down the road and he says how old will you be?

well what did you tell him?

I said” how old Do I look?” and he said only 70, wahhhh, booo hoooo :**( LMAO)

OMG … but you know you were thinking…I hope I look this good at 70!

He was so serious, and when I looked upset he says don’t fuss it’s better than being 99, then you can’t walk, lol

The things that come out of my grandchildren’s mouth makes me smile all the time…

Kids say the darndest things 🙂 I miss that show they used to have, wish they would bring it back, better than some of the crap they have on nowadays.

That is too funny! Im going to ask him how old he thinks I am LOL

No, please don’t Jen, I still want you to like us ;O)


LOL!! only Austin would say 70. You don’t look a day over 40.

Mr. Austin is so precious.

I miss hearing these Austin-isms! You must share MORE!

I don’t know if I would call him precious right now Martha, he is being a stinker 🙂
Laurie, I miss you too 🙂 Oh and BTW he asked me a few weeks ago if there was a baby in my tummy, so now I am 70 and pregnant, and when I told him nope, no …baby,
he said it’s OK, you must be just fat like Daddy, HAHA!!

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