The Article V/ Repeal Amendment Debate

Please join us for a debate on the merits and dangers of an Article V Constitutional convention to amend the US Constitution.
Many states including Missouri are or have introduced legislation requesting an article V convention to consider the Repeal Amendment.
This is a very important debate.
We the people need to be informed and understand the pros and cons of such an action.
If this happens it will be the first convention convened since since the passage of the US Constitution.

Jan. 31st @ 7:00-8:30 pm


Phyllis Schlafly (founder and president of Eagle Forum)

Dave Roland (Constitutional Law expert)

Nick Dranias (of the Goldwater Institute)


Gina Loudon (radio talk show host, political analyst & writer)


Sheraton Clayton
7730 Bonhomme Ave. (east of S. Bemiston Ave.; west of S. Hanley Rd.)
Clayton, MO 63105
(314) 863-0400

Gallery Ballroom, 2nd Floor
FREE complimentary parking on 2nd level
Seating capacity = 150-200 people
Raised stage for panel and moderator
Theatre-style seating

For more Info;

email Caroline Mueller at

Sponsored by: Concerned Women of America MO, Eagle Forum MO, Franklin County Patriots,
Show Me Patriots, We The People St. Francois County, United For Missouri

One Response to “The Article V/ Repeal Amendment Debate”

  1. I have posted a number of blog entries dealing with my concerns with an Article V convention. I have also posted my critique of the Repeal Amendment, Balanced Budget Amendment and Term Limits. Many may be surprised that much of this was debated during the first convention in 1787. Just trying to share some of what I have come to understand. Seems to me we have alot more to loose than we have to gain. I will be adding to my blog. The Nullification movement, which I favor, and the disastrous 17th Amendment will be future topics.

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