Hitler was a liberal.

In the conservative arsenal against liberal smugness, complacency, and general disgustingness, this is the equivalent of the daisy cutter bomb: devastating and unanswerable because it’s true.
Hitler was a National Socialist.
This means liberals, who are socialists in all but name,
are Nazis.
Should they question this—as they will—refer them to Jonah Goldberg’s indispensible Liberal Fascism, in which all is explained: the red in the Nazi flag represents communism; the person largely responsible for the common misconception that Nazism was a movement of the political right was Joseph Stalin—who wanted to hide the embarrassing truth of just how close it was to Soviet communism; the Nazis were no bigger on free enterprise and liberty than the Obama administration is.

From the best selling book by James Delingpole, 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy.

2 Responses to “Hitler was a liberal.”

  1. Margaret Mueller Says:

    He was also NOT a Christian. Read Bonhoeffer.

  2. Peter Gibbons Says:

    You know, Hitler had pieces of flare he made the Jews wear.

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