Progressive’s Hate this guy.

4 Responses to “Progressive’s Hate this guy.”

  1. Before I even look at this, I must say, I love this guy!

    • They are pushing Pence now, but this man has more respect and support than any other contender I have found so far.
      I doubt any one the old school may suggest, for sure.
      West’s support is quieter at this time, because he just got in there.
      He is certainly heavily watched.

  2. Margaret Mueller Says:

    Allen West is presidenital material, no question about it. Here is a real leader, with a clear, positive vision for the nation. I discovered him about a year ago, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for the man, his character and his accomplilshments. There are more You Tube videos. He is a dynamic speaker, and charismatic. He’s one to watch for his role our country’s future.

  3. I love this guy!
    “I don’t believe in the collective. I believe in the indomitable American spirit.” ~ Alan West

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