The best Christmas Song this year.

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Thanks to Chris Loesch

11 Responses to “The best Christmas Song this year.”

  1. Very,Very, good.Both words and music. Depiction of child in food line as we shop for presents,says a million words all in itself. The line Santa brings presents,but Christ gave His life for me speaks volumes also. Time for all to remember the reason for the season. Will post this video on my Christian page at

  2. Mart Staggs Says:

    Wonderful! This is very true and uplifting. Beautiful too.

  3. Thanks for posting this and for the kind words from you and everyone regarding the song.

  4. beautiful song and lyrics–hope it becomes popular and is played on all venues during this Christmas season.

  5. Serafino Basilone Says:

    Lovely song…Great story… Being the Father of Song Writer @ Singer Jasmun Basilone. Yours is the most Up-lefting Christmas Song I Heard since Jasmun’s song ” Daddy’s Little Soldier ” You may Like to hear if you have a little time at …Jasmun Basilone Music .Com Wishing you a great Holiday…..BLESS YOU and YOURS……….. Sincerely MR.@ Mrs. Basilone

  6. Jackie Blom Says:

    This is the best song I have heard in a very long time. It really is a wake up call to Christians to re-direct your attention towards Jesus at this time of year. We played it during our Sunday school class today and the Sunday school teacher and myself both cried! God bless you and keep you. This song is right up there with “Mary Did you Know” as the best Christmas songs!

  7. I really thought this song was a joke when I first heard it. Typical Christian music. I hate this song.

  8. Nancy James Says:

    Jesus is the reason for the season.
    Merry Christmas and God bless us all.
    Happy Birthday Jesus Christ.

  9. Imagine. Sitting at the feet of Jesus, in the great hall.
    I’m sure I’d have nothing to say, nothing at all.
    I’d have to look and listen, look and listen that’s all.
    Oh Dear Jesus, I just stand in awe.

    (your welcome to finish this song, just put music to it)

  10. Charles Nesmith Says:

    this is the BEST song I have heard in a very long time. And this really has an impact as JESUS has been left out of the store. Isn’t it a shame for us to celabrate hie BIRTH and leave him out. Its all become a money thing and I think this is why I have come to not like Christmas anymore.

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