The Wisdom of Archie Bunker?

2 Responses to “The Wisdom of Archie Bunker?”

  1. Steve Roberts Says:

    What are the tea baggers up to these days? Constantly complaining about Obamacare . . . that truly doesn’t exist!

    If you would put half of the energy you put into this “want-to-be political movement” toward making this a great country . . . imagine where you would be!

  2. To Steve: You think we’re only complaining about Obamacare?? Well then, you’re not listening very well. We’re complaining about the spending, the taxes, the deficit, and more. Tax hikes are coming and it’s going to hurt our economy even more. You would be very foolish to believe that you won’t be affected by them. If corporations have to pay more in taxes, do you think they won’t pass that cost onto you??!! The cost of EVERYTHING will go up! Regarding Obamacare, Obama said we needed to pass that monstrosity in order to bring health insurance costs down. Are they going down??? NO!! They are skyrocketing more than ever! Companies either won’t be able to afford to insure their employees or they will pass the cost onto you, the consumer! When will you libs, get it? YOU the consumer or the employee will pay the price one way or another!

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