ZO Examines Black Loyalty to Democrats

4 Responses to “ZO Examines Black Loyalty to Democrats”

  1. Dan Oehlert Says:

    Zo continues to make a brilliant defense of the conservative cause. Keep it up Zo, you are making a difference!

  2. ZO

    Great video! Just as Eisenhower told Dr. King – the speech has to come through you, so it is today. So, THANK You!

    With our history being rewritten to exclude our black founding fathers, heros, and great statesmen, black citizens have been encouraged to become hyphenated American victims.

    I’ll spread this link around.

  3. ZO, I do so enjoy watching your enlightening videos, so very well informed, keep up the great work on getting the true message out

  4. ZO, What a GREAT video! This should be required viewing for all high school students!! It’s a great lesson in history & politics. Thanks for what you do – keep it up!

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