Helen Thomas, Racist.

One Response to “Helen Thomas, Racist.”

  1. As a Lebanese, I am ashamed of Arab Helen Thomas racism & ethnic cleansing views, at at time that most Palestinian Arabs are not “natives”, they’re actually immigrants from Syria & other surrounding Arab lands. mostly their immigration occured in the years between 1880 and 1948.

    Let’s remember that it was the Mufti that founded the Arab Israeli conflict in in 1929 by his genocide campaign to ┬┤Kill all Jews,┬┤ nothing has changed since.

    The Islamic Mufti influenced Arabs’ racism by his Islamic radicalism!!!

    The Arab world Keep on branding everything Israel does for defense as “racist” Because racist sepremacist (almost all of) Arabia & racist Palestine don’t even allow Jews to live in their “pure-arab” apartheid land.

    And what is Arab terror on Jews all about if not raw anti-Jewish racism?

    And what is the motivation behind all the bloody cruelty upon its people by Hamas / Hezbollah to cause civilians to die in order to blame Israel for it, Is it not bigotry?

    Try to conduct a poll in ALL OF ARABIA about Jews…

    Most Israeli Jews are “brown.” BTW! And Arabs are often treated far better than Jews, look at all court cases!

    We Lebanese will never forget what Arab Palestinian (PLO, Arafat) Muslims did to us in Damour. All the while they keep on talking about Sabra Shatilah

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