10 Vets for Strong Defense

From one of my favoriteswww.vetsforfreedom.org
Welcome to VFF-PAC’s main effort for 2010–‘Operation 10-in-10’. We’ve done our research. Made the phone calls. Collected the questionnaires. Checked the polls…and ignored some of them. The result is this list, which represents the 10 Congressional races in America where we believe electing an Iraq and/or Afghanistan veteran will have the largest impact on strengthening U.S. national security policy.

All 10 are Iraq and/or Afghanistan veterans. All 10 have proven to be strong, viable candidates. All 10 are challengers in competitive House races. And, most importantly, all 10 believe in victory on the battlefield. Now, our job is to make sure that all 10 of win in November!

Join us in supporting VFF-PAC’s Top 10 Candidates in 2010. Help support VFF-PAC’s effort to transform Congress by sending warriors to Washington.

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