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Barbie car joyride results in driving ban

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Barbie car joyride results in driving ban

Carbarbiercx A man has been banned from driving for three years after he was caught by police, drunk behind the wheel of…a 4ft by 2ft white and pink Barbie mini jeep, which runs on 12v batteries and goes slower than a mobility scooter.

As the Daily Mail explains:

Paul Hutton, 40, leapt into the seat of the tiny electric car which has a top speed of just 4mph when he was over the limit.

But a police patrol car spotted 6ft Mr Hutton crammed behind the steering wheel crawling along the road near his home in Jaywick, in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, and pulled him over.

Mr Hutton admitted being a “complete twit” after he ended up in front of Colchester Magistrates’ Court, in Essex, charged with drink-driving.

There can be no doubt, Mr Hutton was a twit. But a bright pink jeep that can’t reach 5mph poses only minor danger to other road users, even when driven slightly worse for wear. 

If his young daughter had been found driving the toy car, would she be facing a driving under the age limit charge?

Or does anybody think that a hearty policeman laugh, a slap on the wrists, and a ‘look the other way officer’ would have been better than the court’s time and money being wasted on this case?

By Dylan Sharpe From Big Brother

America’s Airmen In Today’s Fight

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Akin: Five National Security Mistakes

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Bo’s Twin Turbo Big Block 69′ Charger.

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Adam Sharp and Dr Gina Loudon on KMOV’s Extra Edition.

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James Stewart, On the Tea Party Movement.

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I like this movement because I see it as being just and powerful by its own merits. I think any group that resorts to tricks, plants, and political fixing to win, must not believe in what it stands for. I would rather lose doing the right thing, then win using slander and deceit. I do not fear the consequences of speaking the truth and doing the right thing. If you have to cheat, it means you know your wrong.