Be a Liberty Evangelist

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition

The time for standing in a park and yelling is almost over.  The country needs your boots on the ground right now.

The tea party lives and breathes to make a difference at the ballot box.  We fight to destroy the left. We’re not a garden club that meets once a week to admire each others tulips.  Yet, on Tuesday, in a year that is supposedly overflowing with conservative emotion, only 18 percent turned out to vote in St. Louis County.  And most of them were liberals!

As Dr. Gina Loudon noted, “Every tax increase on the ballot  . . . passed.”

Image: Battle of Mobile Bay

So, I have to ask:  Are you going to fight for your country like a patriot, or are you going to let the communists end the American experiment? On their terms?

I think I know the answer.  But it’s time to act. 

We need to build an army of soldiers.  Soldiers who are willing to be trained.  Soldiers who will recruit more soldiers. Soldiers who will march door to door, into malls, and through parks and fairs spreading the word of freedom.

We need an army of Liberty Evangelists. 

Will you be one? 

Here’s what we need:

  • Update your information by clicking here.  Please provide your interests for volunteering, your cell phone number, and your zip code at minimum.
  • Commit to getting five friends or family to join the Tea Party
  • Attend Liberty Evangelist training in your area when it’s offered.
  • We need 10 patriots to pledge $1000 each to fund the start of this campaign.  We’ll get other donations later. This is to create training and tools for the Liberty Evangelists.
  • Be ready to march.

I will sound the call to arms again at the Jefferson County Tea Party this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at Arnold City Park

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Why is this so important?

As I’ve said for a long time, now, if we do not make a HUGE difference in Congress this year, the 2012 elections may not matter.  America’s life or death election is less than seven months away, and frankly, we’re not ready yet.  We proved that on Tuesday.  

But we will be ready in August and November.  I know you won’t let your country down. I know you won’t let this remarkable year of grassroots uprising be for naught.  I know you will rise to the occasion.  

Next week, my oldest son leaves for Navy boot camp.  He’s the third generation to make that lonesome, frightening journey.  He’ll do well, I know.  He’s an American, and soon to be an American fighting man. 

We are all American fighting men and women.  Every one of us.  We have in our being the stuff of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin. Farragut and Patton.  And we KNOW that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that when some s.o.b. tries to take away those rights, we will RISE UP and JOIN with our fellow Americans to SLAP DOWN that tyrant like a yappie dog!

Well, folks, that tyrant has come.  That tyrant has three heads–Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  We are going to smack that tyrant down, but we need the tools to so.  One of those tools is the Army of Liberty Evangelists, and YOU are ONE of that ARMY.

Join now.  Evangelize liberty.  Recruit your friends.  

Damn the torpedoes, Smedley; full steam ahead!  

Bill Hennessy

P.S.  This weekend’s Tea Party events in Collinsville, Il, featuring editor-in-chief Mike Flynn, and in Arnold, MO, featuring Dana Loesch, are important events, not to be missed. This is the kick-off of campaign season.  Please take a couple of hours to get prepared for a tough year of battle against the forces of forced collectivism.  We need YOU, your family, and your friends involved to win. Please don’t let America down.

Copyright (C) 2009 St. Louis Tea Party Coalition All rights reserved.

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