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Lord Monckton Assaulted to the point of unconsciousness by EuroThug Police at Copenhagen

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“Outside, in the real world, it was snowing, and a foretaste of the Brave New World being cooked up by “world leaders” in their fantasy-land was already evident. Some 20,000 observers from non-governmental organizations – nearly all of them true-believing Green groups funded by taxpayers – had been accredited to the conference.

However, without warning the UN had capriciously decided that all but 300 of them were to be excluded from the conference today, and all but 90 would be excluded on the final day.

Of course, this being the inept UN, no one had bothered to notify those of the NGOs that were not true-believers in the UN’s camp. So Senator Steve Fielding of Australia and I turned up with a few dozen other delegates, to be left standing in the cold for a couple of hours while the UN laboriously worked out what to do with us.

In the end, they decided to turn us away, which they did with an ill grace and in a bad-tempered manner. As soon as the decision was final, the Danish police moved in. One of them began the now familiar technique of manhandling me, in the same fashion as one of his colleagues had done the previous day.

Once again, conscious that a police helicopter with a high-resolution camera was hovering overhead, I thrust my hands into my pockets in accordance with the St. John Ambulance crowd-control training, looked my assailant in the eye and told him, quietly but firmly, to take his hands off me.

He complied, but then decided to have another go. I told him a second time, and he let go a second time. I turned to go and, after I had turned my back, he gave me a mighty shove that flung me to the ground and knocked me out.

I came to some time later (not sure exactly how long), to find my head being cradled by my friends, some of whom were doing their best to keep the police thugs at bay while the volunteer ambulance-men attended to me.”

Read the whole story here.

From congressman Todd Akin

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Dear Missouri Friend:

On Wednesday night, the U.S. House of Representatives adjourned for the year. There will be no more bills, no more laws and no more spending until 2010.

Before leaving town, the majority voted to increase the nation’s debt limit by $290 billion. It seems that when Congress puts too much money on the charge card, it can just increase its own credit limit. That’s what happened on Wednesday. America had exceeded the amount of money that our country can legally borrow, so Congress changed the law. In fact, Congress has raised the debt limit 91 times since 1940!

The individual share of the National Debt is now approaching $40,000. What’s the big deal? Irresponsible spending drives our annual deficit and total national debt up further every year. For example, next year, Congress has voted to increase optional, non-defense spending by about 8% over 2009 levels.

And, in the long run, wasteful spending limits economic growth and kills jobs. I went on the House floor to talk about this on Wednesday night and you can listen in here.

I’ll be enjoying time with family over the next couple of weeks and I hope you will be as well. Have a safe and happy rest of the year and a wonderful 2010.


W. Todd Akin