Victoria Texas News Paper Clip.

3 Responses to “Victoria Texas News Paper Clip.”

  1. Would like to know if this is a true article from the newspaper in Victoria. Personally I do NOT but I have a dear friend who believes almost everything on the internet, I want to know for her peace of mind.

    • Sherry, Well You are right it’s not a clip from ” A Victoria Texas News paper”. If it was, it wouldn’t need to tell us where Victoria Texas is. If you click on the picture, you can see that it is a scan of a News paper clip, I do not know what news paper it came from. When I posted this last year It was more of a joke than a Hard News Story. So.. Yes, a real Journalist (not me) wrote the story… Yes, it was published in a news paper… No, I don’t know when it was written or what news paper this cliping came from but It was written long before the Arizona law and all the hub bub we see today.

      • OK, with a little research the earlest i have found this story is May of 2008. None of the stories I found show this News paper clipping. This story has gone Virile.

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